About Jane

As an accomplished visual artist based in Cork City, JANE HAYES brings over a decade’s experience creating work with and for young children, placing a strong emphasis on the importance of the child's voice in her socially engaged practice. Widely recognised for her expertise in art for early years (0-6 years) and her dedication to enriching the area’s discourse, Jane has received significant commissions from institutions such as the Hunt Museum Limerick, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, Cork Midsummer Festival, and Baboró International Arts Festival for Children.

In her studio practice, Jane explores new and innovative approaches to developing and presenting work to young children. Moving away from commonly adopted didactic methods, she embraces experimental and research-driven approaches influenced by the progressive methodologies used in theatre for young audiences in Europe. Jane aims to create work that resonates with the real and imagined worlds of young audiences, pushing the boundaries of non-participatory visual art for the very young in gallery contexts.

Thoughtfully accommodating audience engagement through touch and body interaction, she carefully considers materials, finishes, durability, and safety.

At the core of the research and development phase of Hayes’ work lies her unwavering commitment to actively engage in ongoing dialogue with young children concerning the works in progress. She rigorously employs age-appropriate approaches to gather their unique input, ideas, and feedback.

Jane's three boys under 5 are her inspiration, infusing her work with the joy and authenticity of childhood. They serve as her trusted collaborators, fuelling her passion to create art that celebrates young imaginations.

Her pioneering work in visual art for early years is supported by Cork City Council and the Arts Council. She is an active member of Sample-Studios, Cork